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Even though you have suffered an accident of some sort, the investment on a vehicle can be substantial.  You can always “buy something” but what can you sell it for?

Trusting an experienced, reputable auto body repair facility with a proven track record can be crucial to your success in maintaining your initial investment.  We have the latest technology needed to implement the repairs required as well as the employees skilled enough to provide the level of service to perform the job in a timely and accurate manner. Our goal is to return you vehicle to you with undetectable repairs and in pre-accident condition.  

Our technicians are certified with ACE and I-CAR certificates.  If you are researching the right place to have your vehicle repaired, ensure at a minimum they have these certifications, have a good reputation in the community and that the staff provides you with superior customer service.  If not, you may have a lifetime warranty from a place that may no longer exist after a year.

Environmentally Aware Paint

Our body shop takes pride in our quality of work and our products and we believe this sets us apart from much of our competition in our area since our skilled technicians use environmentally friendly paints on your vehicle.  The paints come with a guarantee to be safe and have no long-lasting odors so you can be assured it is safe to be around.

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