Know Your Rights in Texas

When it comes to choosing a collision repair shop, know your rights.  Not knowing your rights can hinder the quality of repairs that are performed on your vehicle.  We encourage you to choose the collision repair shop wisely and never allow any shop to use the aftermarket parts for your vehicle. 


Motorist Bill of Rights

You have the right to choose the facility that will perform work on your vehicle.  You do not have to get three written estimates for repairs.  You also do NOT have to take your vehicle to the shop that prepares the cheapest estimate or one suggested by your insurance company.


If requested, you can supply one estimate from the shop you plan to have the work done.


Also, if you are the claimant, (not at fault) you are entitled to a rental car during the time that your vehicle is receiving repairs (up to 30 days).  You can request the rental car be brought to your home, office, or have them meet you at the shop when you drop your vehicle for repairs.


You may also leave the rental vehicle at the shop when you pick your vehicle after repairs have been made. You should discuss the policy further with different car rental companies.  


If the repair shop and your insurance company cannot come to an agreement on price, you can ask for arbitration for a third opinion.  If you are not satisfied, with the handling of your claim, contact your insurance agent immediately. If that fails, contact the State Department of Insurance listed below:


Texas Department of Insurance
Consumer Protection (111-1A)
P.O. Box 149091
Austin, Texas 78714-9091



Texas Deptmnt of Insurance Email

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