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We take a lot of pride in our office building and made it as comfy as we could for our valued guests.  Please have a look around.

We have a beautiful lobby area, clean and air conditioned with leather couches, Keurig Coffee, and a friendly staff ready to greet you.  We also have candy and it is not just for the kids!

View Our Body Shop

Here you will notice an organized and clean environment is our standard as we handle your vehicle with care. The pride in our work comes from all the methodic steps we follow to deliver you the highest quality of work done.

We do custom Paint jobs to perfection and provide auto body detail work that challenges the top due to our sophisticated techniques and tools as well as our top of the line employees skilled and trained, with certifications in I-CAR and ASE.

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Recently Remodeled

Our facility can’t be mistaken!  It was recently remodeled and carries our trade mark logo on the front with the ambulance so you can’t miss us.  You won’t see 50 junked cars in the front with scary dogs barking at you.  And the parking lot has space for your car.

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